30 Days to Minimal Blogging Giveaway

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Happy 2017 everyone! I am so excited to bring you the first giveaway of the year! It's a new year offering new possibilities and a fresh start. Many times as a blogger it can be quite overwhelming when balancing your blogging career. Not only are you trying to balance work but your lifestyle as well. 

Understandably, it's not always possible to find the necessary tools that are affordable for the average person when monetizing your blog and career. 

With this giveaway, I was able to team up with the very talented Ana of Blog Milk Shop. She is not only an incredible designer but also an author, offering a resourceful book titled '30 Days To Minimal Blogging'. It's a digital interactive, 30-day journey to a stunningly more mindful blogging experience. Presented in 5 powerhouse sections, this guide gets to the heart of what you need — from how to create balance in your blogging career to monetizing your blog. 

The normal price of the e-book is $39.95 and is filled with the fundamentals and hands-on worksheets to help draw out your creative mission. 

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In order to participate:
  1. You are required to leave a comment below.
  2. You can earn extra entries by following myself and Ana of Blog Milk Shop on social media. 
Remember, you can enter daily to better your chance of winning! 

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All entries must be made through Rafflecopter. Follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below (if you are reading this via email or a feed, you will have to click over to shavae.blogspot.com to enter). The winner will receive 30 Days to Minimal Blogging and chosen at random. Entries must be posted by the end of the day (12:00am EST) Sunday, January 15th, and one winner will be chosen and announced on this post the following day. Open to all, worldwide. 

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Best of 2016 on Instagram

Happy end of year everyone! I can't thank you all enough for the love and support I have received this year alone on Instagram and my blog. You all have been amazing, keeping up with my journey, commenting on my blog; as well as sending sweet emails.

This year started off with amazing giveaways on my blog and new opportunites that I couldn't imagine. I have surprised myself taking a leap of faith with new ventures and I am so looking forward to what 2017 has in store.

Thanks for following me on the gram. Enjoy my favorites of 2016.

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The Blouse with Ruffles + Having fun with my wardrobe

Happy Weekend! 

I hope everyone had a great week. I'm getting ready to travel for the holidays and I'm looking forward to a cooler Christmas. I love having a cup of cocoa or tea by the fireplace while singing Christmas carols. It's definitely the highlight of the holiday.

December has been so busy, I'm sure it's been busy for you as well. With holiday shopping and making plans for the new year, I’m sure to enjoy a little down time.

Let's talk about this look! Because Winter rarely exists in Bermuda, I usually take this time to have fun with specific pieces in my wardrobe, like this blouse.  I enjoy a great statement piece and flare jeans. Talk about a great 70s trend. There's something irresistible about a flare jean. I find it easy to style giving legs for days.

It's the perfect time to have fun with your wardrobe. 
What are you wearing leading up to the holidays?

Photos taken by David Foley of Foleys Fotos 

Shop This Look:

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Lifestyle Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Yes! It's that time of year where we shop to find gifts with quality for the people we love, but it can be difficult finding that perfect gift for her. So, I thought AdoreMe will help you find that perfect gift for mom, sister or the special lady in your life. With the grounds I've covered, you'd be sure to find something!
These gifts are my personal favorite this year because it's all about lifestyle and I'm happy to share them with you. I always find that guides are helpful when they are catered to a particular group and in one place. Of course, jewelry is always a big winner, but what if you try an adorable fitness or lingere set from AdoreMe. They have a wide variety of styles, colors and it all starts at a very low price! 
Photo submitted by AdoreMe

But what if you want to buy something other than clothing or accessories? No worries. I can help you. Electronics and anything that has to do with beauty could never go wrong. Polaroid and Samsung are pretty big when it comes to anything techy. I personally love the polaroid snap camera (which I will be getting :D). I know you are also wondering, how does my mom fit into this category? Kate Spade has an amazing variety of wine sets, candles to even personalised notebooks. You can't go wrong there! 

No matter the gift or the girl, remember to always select the item from your heart. <3

Click any image below to be directed to each item and scroll to find more. Let me know who you will be treating in the comment section. 

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New Beginnings + Agenda

You know those moments when you think you have everything figured out - plans are moving along smoothly, but something changes the course completely. What do you do? The reason for this post is because in the last few weeks my entire agenda had to change. I recently found out that I will be moving. As most of you are aware, I started a digital magazine here in Bermuda in 2014 and with this change, the ability for me to maintain this publication would become quite difficult. 

I remember how excited I was to meet with like-minded people who had similar goals and enjoyed everything about producing content to the local audience. The thrill of planning photo shoots and meeting deadlines is part of what I do and who I am as a person. And now that it's placed on hold, I have to re-evaluate my goals and dreams. 

See my publication wasn't just about 'my dream', it was a representation of people like myself who wanted to see how you CAN make your dreams a reality. Most peoples dreams are centered on fame and fortune, and I just want to enjoy life doing what I love while impacting others around me. 

In past post, I have mentioned that I'm going to start stepping outside of my comfort zone and take more risks. Well, we all have to be careful what we ask for. Since I have placed the quarterly issues of Bermuda Bliss on hold (for now), I will take the time to step into this new beginning that God has given me and seek those opportunities. 

While we never know where life will take us, we can always expect them and adjust with the change. "Let God's will be done." - Acts 21.14

What's in store in the near future? 

Plenty. There's still so much that I want to do and so little time to do it in. As for this blog, I am making plans to bring you along on my new journey. I'm not quite sure how often I will be posting so be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates and follow me on social media. 

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How I Pamper Myself at Home

After a busy week, I can think of nothing better but to treat myself and indulge in some of my favorite things without leaving my home. Not only is this kinder on my wallet, but it allows me to relax in the comfort of my own home and I can take my sweet time doing so. Here are my pampering essentials right at home. 


To begin my evening, I like to take a nice warm shower while allowing my facial mask to take its course. This particular mask was the first of many I've used. I like to use this product because it instantly leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. It's wonderful. I also like that the packaging allows a quick disburst of the product without taking too much of time to empty the packet. This is one of my favorite at home pampering essentials.


Now that the shower is complete and I have the chance to file and shape my nails, it's time to give it the shine it needs. I've had this tea tree oil for over a year now. It has a soft scent and lasts for a while. It only takes a small drop to smooth over nails after a manicure and pedicure. The oil seals in the shine while softening my cuticules. Clean and healthy nails makes me happy.


When the weather gets cooler, I have learned pedicures and manicures are essential to protecting my nails. I love being able to polish my nails, another way of relaxing and unwinding. This particular polish I picked up is called, "Refining with the Infinite Crowd." This polish can be used as a regular polish or a gel. It's long lasting and it has a gorgeous shine. I'm currently using this color after a pedicure. 


I love a good magazine. I find magazines are still important to me as a writer and editor. It not only gives me inspiration but it simply soothes me. Catching up on the latest beauty and lifestyle trends is a bit of therapy for me. I also love that I am able to catch articles that you may not be able to read anywhere else. 


Of course, this needs no explanation. A girl loves her chocolate! :)

What products do you use to pamper yourself at home? 

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Favorite New Scent

Happy Sunday guys! I had to share my favorite new scent LOVE by Sofia Vergara. I've been wearing it quite a lot lately for date nights since it's Fall and cooler during the evenings. This scent tends to linger and suits perfectly for any occasion. It's not too subtle and it smells so good! I really like it because the bottle is my favorite color and it's the cutest thing to look at along with other items on my nightstand. 
Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

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H&M Lace Midi Dress

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite dresses that I purchased at H&M in New York. I've been on a shopping binge for dresses for a while now and I love the design and fit of this dress. I wore this look for a special date night dinner with my love a few weeks ago and I am pleased to say that the quality of this dress exceeded my expectations being that it was a very inexpensive piece.

As we all love a little black dress, I think I will start a new collection of little white dresses (LWD) to my repertoire. Tell me what you think of this look in the comment box below. 

Outfit Details:
Sunnies: Polette Eyewear
Studs: H&M
Dress: H&M
Shoes:  DSW Mootsies Tootsies 

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